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Biography of Forouzan (Sarvari), daughter of Mohammad Naeem (Safee), resident of Laghman province, current resident of Kabul province.  I was born in 1989 in an enlightened family. In 2011 I have been graduated from Chehlston High School for Women in Kabul. In 2014, I started studying in one of the private universities in the field of social sciences and graduated in 2016. At that time, due to economic problems, which we had in my family, I was working in a private kindergarten for a small salary of 4,000 Afg, but after a year I was introduced to the OFARIN Institution by a friend. In 2015 I started working at OFARIN Institution, considering the facilities that the following institution had, I was able to solve some of my and my family problems. My father is a retired police officer and my mother is a civil servant.  I am the third child in the family and I have two brothers and four sisters.  My two older brothers were martyred in an accident in 2003 at the age of 21 and 22.  After the martyrdom of my two brothers, my mother and father suffered from depression and serious illness.  I got married in 2015. I currently have a daughter and I live in a rented house. My husband is still unemployed. With the same salary, I can solve my problems.  Finally, I would like to thank Dr. Peter and his Institution and all my colleagues who have made me successful so far.

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