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Maroofa, pupil from Bini Hissar

My name is Maroofa my father name is Gul Mohammad. I am 10 years old and studying in OFARIN school at Beni hesar. I have one brother and 6 sisters. My elder sister Balzare was also a student in here.

My father Gul Mohammad son of Hajee Abdulraheem was passed away on June 1st   at the age of 32, due to C19. after his death my elder brother who is 16 years old is working as a driver assistance at Kabul – Faryab highway. He is too young for doing such a hard work. Because of our poor economic condition, he is not able for going to school and also his work is really dangerous. The way is full of Talban and robbers. This is the reason that we are always concerning about him.

We have to pay our house rent. But we do not have sufficient money for it.

OFARIN help with us in this hard situation was crucial we are appreciating it. 

Maroofa got 3000 Afghani (35 €)

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